The Bob Zentz Songbook



Wrinkle In Time

From Beaucatcher Farewell

Music and lyrics © 1979 Bob Zentz



I wish I had a wrinkle in time, a place where I could go  (C)

An autumn mountain I could climb, leave the rest of the world below  (C-F-G)

I wish I had a place to sing these secret songs of mine  (C)

Where all the joys that singing brings could be with me all the time  (C-F-G)


     Well, Iíd close my eyes one instant, and be gone  (F-G-C)

     Open Ďem wide and Iíd be back again  (F-G-C)

     Rested and strong from my world inside  (F-G-C-Am)

     And Iíd never tell a soul where I had been  (F-Dm-G)


2.  I wish I had a laughing place when this old world gets me down

Where sorrow never knew my face and my dreams were all around

I wish I had a place to lose this everyday routine

Iíd hide my sorrows and the blues from the good times I have seen  (chorus)


3.  I wish had a wrinkle in time and a friend to take me home

The loneliness I never mind, Iíve learned to love alone


     So when I close my eyes forever, and Iím gone

     Where timeís a place, and places never end

     Iíll know my wrinkle in time is just a state of mind

     But itís heaven for the few that understand

     Itís heaven for the few that understand



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