The Bob Zentz Songbook



Window On The River

From Hove-to, And Drifting ...

Music and lyrics © 1999 Bob Zentz



1.  When I was only eight years old (D-G-D)

Nineteen-fifty-two (D-G-D)

I took a ride beneath the river (D-G-D)

When the tunnel was brand-new (G-D)

Looking for a view of the river (G-D)

Of the river, we need a view (D-A-D)


2.  We need a window on the river

We need to see what’s right and wrong

We need to look beneath the surface

We need to find a river song

‘Cause we belong along the river

Along the river, we belong


3.  Well, the creek runs to the river

And the river to the bay

And the bay runs to the ocean

But it doesn’t wash away

The poisons stay beneath the river

Beneath the river, the poisons stay


4.  We need to think about that river

We need to gain a sense of pride

We need to watch our wakes and mistakes

If we want to turn the tide

‘Cause deep inside, we love the river

We love the river, deep inside


For there’s still wonder in her waters

There is beauty down below

Now we are keepers of the river

Stewards of the ebb and flow

Our knowledge grows about the river

About the river, knowledge grows


(repeat verses one and two)


‘Cause we belong along the river

Along the river, we belong


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