The Bob Zentz Songbook



This Old Bay

From Hove-to, and Drifting ...

Music and lyrics © 1999 Bob Zentz


1.  I saw the sun rise on the ocean  (C-Dm)
I watched the sun set on the bay  (F-C)
I thought of times and tides and people   (Em-Am)
The past, the future and today  (F-G)


     This old Bay has seen a lot of living  (Am-Em)

     This old Bay, the stories she could tell  (F-C)

     This old Bay is finished with the giving  (Dm-Am)

     This old Bay we knew so well  (G7-F)

2.  When the glaciers finally melted
Eighteen-thousand years ago
Rising ocean drowned the valley
Where the Susquehanna flowed


     And when Indians made their homes there

     In Algonquin tongues did speak

     They called this place “Mother of Waters”

     They named this bay the Chesapeake


3.  Then the English settlers landed

Strangers in a stranger land

They worked their changes for survival

They never tried to understand


     This old Bay had seen a lot of living

     This old Bay, the stories she could tell

     Now, this old Bay is finished with the giving

     This old Bay we used so well


4.  So those who use the Bay must answer

Who’s to lose, and who’s to win

‘Cause when you’re lookin’ where you’re goin’

You must see where you have been


     Endangered species and pollution

     The waste, the rubble of the dream

     And as we all search for solutions

     Remember we all live downstream


5.  So ask your friend what really matters

And ask your child what she will do

Then ask the leaders you’ve elected

But now the answer lies with you


     This old Bay has seen a lot of living

     Well, this old Bay we’ve used from end to end

     Now it’s time we people started giving

     This old Bay could use a friend



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