The Bob Zentz Songbook



The Eternal Feminine

From Closehauled on the Wind of a Dream

Adapted from the poetry of C. Fox Smith (1882-1954)

Music traditional;  additional lyrics © 2003, 2007 Bob Zentz



1.  “Why are ships wimmen?” says Billy Magee  (G-D-G)

“Here’s a few reasons as looks good to me  (G-Em-D)

There’s good ‘uns and bad ‘uns, an’ wild and contrair  (G-G7-C-G)

Stubborn an’ stupid an’ devil-may-care  (G-D-G)


     “There’s some that ain’t nothin’ but varnish and paint  (G-G7-C)

     An’ some has got tempers would bother a saint  (G-D-D7)

     There’s some steers a course an’ there’s some as just won’t  (G-C-G)

     There’s some fellers sticks to, an’ them as they don’t  (G-D-G)

2.  “An’ here’s a fact about women and hookers

The best ones to live with ain’t all the best lookers

You humour and coax ‘em, you’ll get yer own way

Handle ‘em wrong, and there’s the divvle to pay


     “Larn all your life, you won’t know all about ’em

     But what would this world be for us chaps without ‘em?

     Why are ships wimmen?” says Billy Magee

     “Here’s a few reasons as looks good to me!”  (repeat final stanza)



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