The Bob Zentz Songbook



My Favorite Song

From Beaucatcher Farewell

Music and lyrics © 1979 Bob Zentz



You ask me to sing my favorite song, well I guess you don’t understand  (C-F-C-Am-F-G-C)

I’ve been up here pickin’ all night long, while you play stump the band  (C-F-C-Am-F-G-C-C7)

But I call ‘em as I see ‘em, and I see ‘em all the time  (F-C-Am-F-G)
And any song I sing for you is a favorite song of mine  (C-G-C-F-C-G-C)


     I wouldn’t sing ‘em if I didn’t like ‘em, I wouldn’t like ‘em if I didn’t care

     I wouldn’t care if you didn’t listen, but there’s a lot of good songs out there

     Some songs are just like the people I know, some people like the songs I sing

     And I never sang a song that I didn’t love, or no song that didn’t love me


2.  Now I’d like to introduce the jukebox, you’ve all used him before

Plays exactly what you pay him to, well, I don’t do that no more

‘Cause I don’t know none of his tunes, and he sure doesn’t play none of mine

Friends, I gotta say, I never plan it that way, but we both seem to get along fine  (chorus)


3.  Now some of these songs take you travelin’, and some of them take you home

Some might make you laugh a bit, and some are good when you’re all alone

And some’ll introduce you to people that you wouldn’t ordinarily know

These songs of mine, I sing ‘em all the time, and I take ‘em everywhere that I go  (chorus)


4.  So here’s a toast to you who listen, here’s a word for them that don’t

If you listen you might hear something new, but if you never listen, you won’t

So open your ears and open your mind and I’ll sing you my favorite song

‘Cause it’s right out there with the folks who care that your favorite songs belong  (chorus)



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