The Bob Zentz Songbook




From Beaucatcher Farewell

Music and lyrics © 1979 Bob Zentz



1.  Jeremy wears tattered clothes  (Am-Em-Am)

Jeremy stands in the field of the world  (Am-Em-C-G)

But Jeremy never knows  (Am-Em)

Where the gray, crooked highway runs  (Dm-Am)

Of the rising of moons or the setting of suns  (Dm-Am-Em)

Jeremy hasn’t begun to wonder  (F-Dm-Em-Am)


2.  Jeremy smiles at the day

Jeremy watches the seasons change

Sees the children at play

And he watches the birds flying by

And the passing of clouds in a bottomless sky

He never questions the why or the wherefore


3.  Then in the still of the night

There is a sound that is louder than thunder

An instant of blinding light

Jeremy doesn’t feel pain

As he stares at the towering pillars of flame

Jeremy is not to blame for men’s blunders


4.  Jeremy watches the dust

Shining like snowflakes that fly on the nightwind

Settle like mantles of rust

‘Til it blankets the world that he knows

‘Til the fields and hills and the highway glows

Poor Jeremy doesn’t know the meaning


5.  The morning creeps over the land

Like some lost god viewing an alien landscape

Jeremy can’t understand

The things that he sees on this day

Now where are the birds and the children at play

Nature had nothing to say, there is silence


6.  And hours are turned into days

Jeremy sees the world that he knew

Is changing in frightening ways

The field and the orchard have died

And the highway is cracked, and the rivers run dry

Watching through sightless eyes, he is staring


7.  Still now except for the sound

Of the wind as it blows ‘cross parched land below

Stirring the dust on the ground

And Jeremy’s hat blows away

And his tattered coat is sent flying astray

There’s nothing but pieces of hay a-blowin’


8.  So men made of straw can be lost

On a grey windy day, at the end of the world

Two sticks in the form of a cross

Cast their shadow on Earth’s final dawn

Where the world was a chessboard, and mankind a pawn

But now even Jeremy’s gone forever



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