The Bob Zentz Songbook



He Was Just Like Some Old Jukebox

From Mirrors And Changes

Music and lyrics © 1974 Bob Zentz



He was just like some old jukebox, didn’t leave a dime  (C-C/B-Am-Am7-F-G-C)

He was just like some old restless wind, he was singing all the time  (Em-Am-Am7-F-G-C)

And if he was a prisoner, then living was his crime  (F-Em-Am-Am7-F)
But living was the song that he was singing  (C-F-G)

2.  He was just like some old hobo, rambled all around

He was just like some old minstrel man on the streets of your home town

You were oh, so quick to pass him by, and so quick to put him down

That you never heard the songs that he was singin’


3.  Like some weary traveler who ducks in from the rain

Like a long-forgotten melody that you chance to hear again

But I heard him sing his stories and those songs were not in vain  (F-Em-F-G-C)

‘cause I think I learned the reason for his singing  (Em-F-G)


4.  So now I listen for the music in every soul I see

Some are singing soft as whispers, some are singing harmony

If you take the time to listen to that patchwork symphony  (F-Em-F-G-C)

Then you’ll learn to understand the opera of the common man  (F-G-Am-F-G-Am)

And you’ll recognize that song that you’ve been singing  (C-F- G)


Just like some old jukebox, that doesn’t need a dime 



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