The Bob Zentz Songbook




From Horizons

Music and lyrics 1999, 2010 Bob Zentz


1.  As here upon this beach I stand  (A-F#m)

Head in the clouds, feet in the sand  (Bm-Bm7-E)

Between the ocean and the land  (A-F#m)

I search the far horizon  (D-A-E-A)


The very edge of all we see  (E-A)

The border of all reality  (D-A-F#m-E)

The limit of our vision we  (A-F#m)

Would cross the far horizon  (D-A-E-A)


2.  I watch the ships that come and go

The tides that turn, the winds that blow

And wonder if well ever know

Whats oer the far horizon


Within our circles were confined

We round the Horn, we cross the line

And wonder why we are resigned

Between these far horizons


3.  If in the instant before night

Just as the sun slips out of sight

You see a flash of emerald light

Upon the far horizon


Its true, or so the legends say

Deceit and falsehood swept away

Into your heart youll peer that day

And know the thoughts of others


4.  Horizons of a different kind

Horizons of the heart and mind

The boundaries of space and time

Are naught but far horizons


And if indeed we dreamers be

It is our dreams that set us free

And give us sight that we may see

Beyond the far horizon


5.  So here upon this beach I stand

Head in the clouds, feet in the sand

Between the ocean and the land

And dream of far horizons



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Copyright 2018, Bob Zentz