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A Bob Zentz concert is a smorgasbord of contemporary, traditional and original songs, tunes and chat, linked by the artist's philosophic perspective, thematic logic and a strong 'sense' of history, humanity and humor.  In performance, the audience becomes involved, creating a spirit of community through shared choruses and related ideas.

From traditional Celtic tunes and ballads to-science fiction songs and sea chanteys ...  from tales of "Old Timers and Old Rhymers," to poetry set to music ... each show is a unique testimony to Bob's vast repertoire and varied personal interests.

And sure!  Bob Zentz sings some songs that he writes, but alas!  That's just because he couldn't find 'em anywhere else!

A SPECIAL PROGRAM FOR THE HOLIDAY SEASON:  "Season of the Sailor" featuring Bob Zentz & special guests!


Educational Programs

Bob's educational programs include:

Bob draws on more than thirty years performing experience, including time spent as an educator, a radio broadcaster, a sailor, an instrument builder, a recording artist, and an award-winning songwriter and performer.  Playing dozens of instruments on a repertoire of over two thousand songs, Bob presents thematic programs that educate and entertain through his sense of history, humanity, humor and musicianship.

Bob presents a wide variety of thematic classroom programs as well as general auditorium concerts for grades K-12.  He also conducts two-week elementary school artist-in-residence programs.  Bob's educational activities integrate history, literature and music, and where appropriate, biology, ecology, and the physics of sound production.

Click here for a "Homemade Music Brochure."

Click here to find out about Bob's poetry-in-song program, "The Rhyming Muse."


Elderhostels, Festivals and Music Camps

Bob is a master guitarist who has spent many years teaching guitar in college courses, workshops, and at festivals.  He also plays concertina, banjo, mouth harp, melodion, mandolin, lute, autoharp, and many other instruments very skillfully.  As a songwriting teacher, Bob excels in helping students find their unique "voice" in their songs, connecting contemporary thoughts and ideas with traditional roots, and finding the perfect musical setting for the written word.

Bob does many "informances" where the audience learns, becomes involved, and is entertained through history, humanity, humor and musicianship.  This "info-tainment" becomes a vehicle for the presentation of custom-made programs for schools, camps, libraries, museums and festivals for young and old alike!

Bob is aware that interaction and involvement are keys to education.  Whether leading a workshop, giving a lecture, or teaching a class, Bob honors his masters and mentors as well as those interpreters and apprentices who carry on our traditions, into the future.

For tour groups and reunions, Bob serves as  "Tidewater's Musical Ambassador," welcoming  visitors from all over the world with his one-man show, "The Music of Virginia, from the Mountains to the Sea," combining history, nostalgia and humor with audience participation.

Bob's maritime and nautical programs are filled with chanteys, lore, poetry, stories and songs, selected to give insight into the life and times of the sailor as well as the music and nature of our seas, rivers and bays.



Bob's  "informances" are a combination of informative talks and polished performances about people and places gone by.  One example might be the people who lived the sailing life in the 18th and 19th centuries, using the "Windfall," a gaff-rigged schooner operating out of Ocracoke's Silver Lake Harbor as the setting.  As the Windfall slides away from the dock and raises its vermilion sails, Bob strikes up a tune from a bygone era.  It's a haunting combination:  Bob with his rich voice and "button accordion," the slap-slap cadence of the ship's rigging arguing with the fresh breeze, and the picturesque Ocracoke waterfront.  Imagine how Bob can use the same technique to bring your area of interest to life -- the possibilities are endless!


Free Instructions!

How to make a monkey's fist -- from the International Guild of Knot Tyers

How to play the jaw harp -- from the Jew's Harp Guild

How to play the harmonica -- from Harmonica.com

How to play the autoharp (click on "For New Players")-- from cathybritell.com


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